What is Butyl Acetate?

Butyl Acetate

Butyl acetate with the formula C6H12O2 also known as N-butyl acetate is an ester with a colorless and fruity odor. Has the distinction of being flammable.

Butyl Acetate World Market

  • Global butyl acetate production capacity (2018): 1,552,000 metric tons.

  • 35% of global butyl acetate capacity is based on Asia and 25% on Europe. 20% are U.S.-based.

The Use Of Butyl Acetate In The World

  • %46.3 is used in paint, varnish and coating industry

  • %11.5 is used in adhesive sector

  • %9.2 is used in pharmaceutical industry

  • %9 is used in food sector

  • %6 is used in the cosmetics industry

  • %18 is used in other sectors.

The Use Of Butyl Acetate In The World

Sectors Used In Butyl Acetate

Paint Sector

It is used to transform the resin to solution to make the application easier while adjusting the fluidity of paint. It is used in Lak and other products due to its dissolver characteristic.

Adhesive Industry

It is used in production of adhesives and plays a role as a dissolver in this area.

Pharmaceutical Industry

It is used as dissolver raw material in some product and bulk products in pharmaceutical industry. It is used during extraction procedure.

Food Industry

It is used in food as flavorer since it has a fruity smell. Also, it is used in the production of synthetic fruit powders.

Leather Industry

It is used in leather manufacturing, coating of suede and nubuck leathers.

Cosmetics Industry

It is used as dissolver during the production procedures of products such as perfumes and nail polishes.

Other Sectors

It is used as antirust in cleaning sector and for vehicle maintenance since it is a non-toxic product.

It is used in air maintenance of air-condition units and during the production of air filters.

It is used in safety glass production utilized in areas such as cars etc.

It is used in product manufacturing in plastic sector.